About Us

Welcome to Kumo

Come visit our restaurant where we provide the best Japanese dishes that you will ever find! There are professional hamachi and sushi chefs waiting for your order. Never will you experience the need to wait a long time for you food to arrive. We hire the best, most experienced, and friendly waiters and waitresses who will deliver your selected dishes to you. Moreover at our sushi bar, the chefs use their skillful hands to produce a piece of sushi artwork for our beloved customers. Thus, not only are the sushi tasty, the designs are definitely a sight to enjoy. As you devour our delicious Japanese cuisine, we play traditional Japanese music to make the atmosphere more soothing. Most importantly, we try our best to maintain a healthy and clean and comfortable environment for our customers to eat in. Please come and feast upon the best sushi and hibachi dishes you will ever experience at Kumo Restaurant!